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Installation of Vessel Traffic Management System for Cebu VTMS Project

  • Client: N/A
  • Project date: March 01, 2020

Scope of Works

  • Installation of 3-sets of Radar System
  • Installation of 2-sets of AIS Base Station
  • Installation of 8-sets of VHF Communication System
  • Installation of 4-sets PTZ CCTV System
  • Installation of 1-set Meteorological System
  • Cabling and termination of waveguide, RF coaxial cable
  • Installation of Power System: Power Distribution Board, 20kVA UPS, 5kVA UPS
  • Power and grounding cabling and termination works
  • Data structured cabling for Control Center
  • Installation of floor mount and ceiling mount cable ladders and cable racks, cable ducts and cable raceways